The Communication Club of BUIE


Our Objectives


  1. To improve communication skills

  2. To train for company interviews

  3. To make familiar with G.Ds

  4. To increase the power of imagination

  5. To improve the expression power

  6. To find talents which were hidden

  7. To lessen the stage fear


  1. Train for communicating in English

  2. Conduct speech competition

  3. Conduct Extempore competition

  4. Conduct picture extempore competition

  5. Conduct mock interviews .

  6. Conduct G.Ds


  7. Inter college debate competition.

  8.  To establish and run clinics, dispensaries, hospitals and other similar institutions for providing aid in medicine, surgery, maternity etc. to rural people and also for providing aid in health care in all its diverse from in such areas of West Bengal as the society may decide irrespective of caste and creed.

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