Bankura Unnayani – The Society



 The objects for which the Society is established are here under – :                    

  1.  To carry on and provide social and humanitarian services to the public irrespective of casts and creed, and especially for the poorer section of the society.

  2.  To set up, construct, establish, run maintain or manage different Research and Educational institutions such as college Institute, Research Centre, Schools, Libraries, Laboratories, Reading rooms, Auditoriums, Student Hostel etc., to provide suitable education training, research etc. for advancement of  knowledge. Promotion of research, social welfare and development.

  3.  To provide institute for teaching and instruction of high standard leading to Diploma, Bachelors, Post-Graduate Diploma, Masters, Doctoral and Postdoctoral degrees in Engineering, Science, Technology, Architecture, Medical Science, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Law Management, Commerce, Social and Labour Welfare, Education, Arts, Nursing, Pharmacy, Printing, Textile, Leather Technology and also in such other branches of learning as it may deem fit.(4) To promote, open and run or give aid to public libraries, free reading rooms to encourage any or all Branches of learning especially for children and teenagers of rural, urban and industrial areas.

  4.  To provide for research and development activities and advancement of knowledge in the areas of learning, social welfare and development mentioned above and also to promote and run institutions for research and survey work on socio-economic life of the rural and urban people, organize exhibition on socio-cultural activities, literacy activities of all types etc. special attention will be given to agricultural workers and industrial workers of our soil.

  5.  To get affiliation from UGC/AICTE/Indian Medical Council or from overseas Universities for the course conducted by the society on conditions which the council shall deem appropriate.

  6.  To provide facilities for healthy interaction with the industry and with other universities including overseas Universities, Educational Institution, Scientific, Medical and Engineering profession in general.

  7.  To provide for integrated training of teachers, supporting staff, professional personal and social worker.

  8.  To publish books, periodical journals and such work done in the educational institutions of the society which have contributed substantially to the advancement of knowledge in areas of learning, social welfare and development mentioned in (iii) & (iv). 

  9.  To provide facilities for organizing seminars and conferences in different field of learning and to depute faculty members for participating in seminars and conference at National/International levels.

  10.  To formulate and administer courses of study and research and to provide instruction in areas which the society shall deem appropriate for the advancement of learning and dissemination of knowledge.

  11.  To confer Degrees and to grant Diploma and certificates upon persons who have satisfactorily completed the approved courses of study/ and or research as may be prescribed by the society.

  12.  To innovate new method of  assessment for the award of certificates, Diplomas and Degrees without diluting the academic norms prescribed by the UGC/AICTE/Indian Medical Council from time to time.

  13.  To create scholarships, fellowships, travel grant and stipends for pursuit of education or research for any educational and social activities promoted, encourages or conducted by it.

  14.  To formulate necessary guidelines to take necessary steps for up-gradation of the society as Deemed University.


  15.  To undertake advisory, Supervisory collaborative works involving application of recent developments in knowledge, state-of-art technology and innovative method of development planning in respect of any type or project assignment for any person or persons, organization, autonomous bodies, government etc. whether in the district or anywhere in the state.

  16.  To establish and run clinics, dispensaries, hospitals and other similar institutions for providing aid in medicine, surgery, maternity etc. to rural people and also for providing aid in health care in all its diverse from in such areas of West Bengal as the society may decide irrespective of caste and creed.

  17.  To promote and develop sports and games both indoor and outdoor including Gymnasium and to establish physical cultural institute for advancement of the people.

  18.  To take over and acquire by purchase, gift or otherwise, from the Government of India, State Government or any other public bodies or organization or private individuals, moveable and immovable properties or other funds together with any attendant obligation and engagements not inconsistent with the object of the society.

  19.  To accept sponsorship, donation, grant-in-aid loan etc. from any persons, organization, government, autonomous bodies etc. whether in India or abroad for furtherance of objects of the society and to reserve seat for such contributions in different organization educational institution of the society.

  20.  To accept sponsorship, donation, grant-in-aid loan etc. from any persons, organization, government, autonomous bodies etc. whether in India or abroad for furtherance of objects of the society and to reserve seat for such contributions in different organization educational institution of the society.

     To make, add vary and amend Rules and Bye Laws for the conduct of the affairs pf the society.

     To undertake such other activities as may be necessary to further the objectives of the society.


  •  Mission – :                    

    1. The academic activities of the Institute have been endeavoring to develop analytical and integrative skills of the participants with cultural sensitivities and ethical responsibilities.

    2. To set up, construct, establish, run, maintain and manage all types of activities of the institute to harness the power of technical education with an objective towards socio-economic and technological development of the District and its society.

    3. To empower the students with high standard of perseverance, dedication, quality and ethical  value of life.

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