Vision & Mission



 Vision :                    

To harness talent, knowledge and addressing developmental concern of India and thereby promoting Socio-economic growth of this district.
To provide institute for teaching and instruction of high standard leading to Bachelor, Postgraduate, Masters, Doctoral and Postdoctoral degrees in Engineering science and technology, law management and also in such other branches of learning as it deem fit.

 To prepare the future citizen of the country, competent enough to contribute significantly for betterment of the society.




The academic activities of the Institute have been endeavoring to develop analytical and integrative skills of the participants with cultural sensitivities and ethical responsibilities.
To set up, construct, establish, run, maintain and manage all types of activities of the institute to harness the power of technical education with an objective towards socio-economic and technological development of the District and its society.
To empower the students with high standard of perseverance, dedication, quality and ethical  value of life.

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